Kerala Govt introduces innovative ‘Holiday Heist’ Game to Promote it’s Tourism Sector

The Government of Kerala has taken a significant step towards promoting tourism in the region.

By planning to popularize various tourist destinations featured in hit films and offering low-cost travel packages, they aim to attract visitors from both within the country and abroad.

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Affordable Travel Packages

As part of their strategy, the Kerala government has introduced an exciting initiative called ‘Holiday Heist.’

Through this unique program, tourists have the opportunity to win holiday packages at remarkably low prices, allowing them to explore the breathtaking beauty of the ‘abode of God.’

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Holiday Heist Game

The ‘Holiday Heist’ game, powered by WhatsApp, offers an engaging bidding experience.¬†Participants compete by placing their most creative and lowest bids to secure the tour package.

Winners will have the chance to visit Kerala’s world-famous tourist spots and create cherished memories.

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A Thrifty Way to Experience Kerala

This budget-friendly approach aims to showcase the best of Kerala’s enchanting landscapes and rich cultural heritage.

The government’s efforts to make travel accessible to all will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on visitors, encouraging more people to explore the wonders of Kerala.

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