Akasa Air Becomes First Asian Airline to Induct Boeing 737-8-200

Akasa Air, a relatively new player in the aviation industry, has reached a significant milestone by including its 20th aircraft in its fleet.

With this accomplishment, the airline becomes eligible to embark on international operations.

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The 737-8-200 version aircraft, inducted on Tuesday, marks a historic moment for the company and makes Akasa Air the first Asian airline to own this model.

International Clearance and Rapid Growth

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By expanding its fleet to 20 aircraft, Akasa Air now meets the minimum requirement set by Indian aviation regulations for international flights.

This progress comes just ahead of the airline’s first anniversary, which falls on August 7.

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The CEO and Founder of Akasa Air, Vinay Dubey, expressed pride in the company’s achievement, stating that going from zero to 20 aircraft in only 12 months reflects the nation’s immense potential.

 Boeing 737-8-200: A Historic Addition

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The Boeing 737-8-200 aircraft, received by the airline’s Bengaluru base, marks a significant milestone for Akasa Air.

Not only does this new addition enable international flights, but it also makes the airline the first in Asia to operate this specific aircraft model.


Accelerated Fleet Growth and Expansion Plans

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Akasa Air had placed an order for 72 aircraft in 2021, even before commencing operations.

Out of these, 23 are 737-8S aircraft, while 53 are high-capacity 737-8-200 aircraft.

Demonstrating their commitment to growth, the airline announced plans to acquire four more Boeing 737 Max aircraft in June this year.

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Impressive Operations and Connectivity

With its current fleet, Akasa Air operates an extensive network of 900 weekly flights, connecting 16 cities.

The addition of the 20th aircraft enhances their capacity and opens up new horizons for the airline to explore international routes.

Akasa Air continues to push boundaries and make strides in the aviation industry, promising to provide enhanced connectivity and exceptional travel experiences to its passengers.


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