Punjab National Bank (PNB) Issues Urgent Alert: Complete KYC by August 31 to Avoid Account Freeze

In accordance with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) guidelines, Punjab National Bank (PNB) has issued a critical notice to its customers regarding the completion of their Know Your Customer (KYC) process.

Customers are urged to update their KYC details by August 31, 2023, failing which their savings account usage may be restricted.

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Multiple Notifications Sent to Customers to Prompt KYC Compliance

PNB has already sent two notices to customers who are yet to complete their KYC requirements.

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Additionally, the bank has reached out via SMS to their registered mobile numbers, urging them to update their KYC details as per the regulatory requirements.

 Bank Accounts at Risk of Freezing After August 31

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Failure to comply with the KYC update could lead to the freezing of bank accounts after August 31.

To avoid any inconvenience, customers are strongly advised to take immediate action and visit their nearest PNB branch for KYC completion.

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KYC Update Ensures Uninterrupted Banking Services

Updating KYC details will ensure seamless access to banking services, including fund transfers and bill payments.


By complying with the KYC norms, customers can continue to enjoy a wide range of banking facilities without interruption.

How to Check KYC Status


PNB customers can easily check their KYC status by calling the toll-free customer care numbers 18001802222 or 18001032222.

Alternatively, they can visit the bank’s branch to submit the necessary KYC form and documents for updating their information.

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Guidelines for KYC Compliance

RBI’s KYC guidelines for banks require existing customers to fulfill the necessary KYC norms.

Banks are expected to promptly complete the required KYC procedures for identifying customers to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

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Don’t delay and safeguard your banking privileges by completing your KYC process at the earliest.

Remember, August 31, 2023, is the deadline to avoid potential account freeze.

Stay informed and act promptly to enjoy uninterrupted banking services with Punjab National Bank.


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