Samsung all set to launch it’s “Galaxy Smart Ring”, ahead of Apple

New Delhi :

In an attempt to stay ahead in the tech race, Samsung is expected to introduce its new smart ring, known as the ‘Galaxy Ring’, next year.

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The device is designed to collect body and health data through built-in sensors, which can then be synced to a connected smartphone.

The team behind the ‘Galaxy Ring’ is striving to ensure its success by collaborating with domestic and international components during its manufacturing process.

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A decision on its production is anticipated to be made soon.

‘Galaxy Ring’ Focuses on Body

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A key feature of the ‘Galaxy Ring’ is its ability to gather body and health-related information through in-built sensors.

The ring’s adjustable fit allows users to customize it according to their finger size, enhancing data accuracy and minimizing potential errors caused by loose fitting.

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However, development hurdles include addressing issues related to weak blood flow or excessively tight fitting, which might impact data accuracy.

Certification Process and Potential Delay


Even if mass production gets the green light, the certification process for obtaining medical device status is expected to take 10 to 12 months, possibly causing delays in the product’s availability to consumers.

Integration with XR Device


Samsung plans to integrate the ‘Galaxy Ring’ with its XR (mixed reality) device.

This integration aims to leverage the XR device’s cameras and sensors to track users’ head and hand movements, adding new dimensions of functionality to the smart ring.

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Speculation on “Ring Support”

Earlier this month, a Reddit user noticed a “feature list” in the Samsung Health beta app, version, that mentioned “ring support.”

There are two possibilities: Samsung may be considering adding support for smart rings made by other companies to the Health platform,

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or it might indicate the company’s plan to release the ‘Galaxy Ring’ and offer compatibility with third-party rings.


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