ATF Price Hike: Jet Fuel Prices Increase, Air Travel to Become Costlier

Oil Marketing Companies (OMC) have raised the prices of Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF), also known as jet fuel, for the second consecutive month.

The revised ATF rates will be applicable from August 1. The increase in ATF prices has been observed in major metro cities across India, including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai.

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Revised ATF Prices in Major Cities:

  • Delhi: Rs 98,508.26 per kilo-litre
  • Kolkata: Rs 1,07,383.08 per kilo-litre
  • Mumbai: Rs 92,124.13 per kilo-litre
  • Chennai: Rs 1,02,391.64 per kilo-litre

Impact on Air Travel:

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The increase in ATF prices is likely to have an impact on airline operations and operational costs.

As a result, air travel is expected to become more expensive for both domestic and international flights.

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Airlines operating from Delhi, where the ATF price is $902.62 per kiloliter, will now need to consider fuel costs while operating international flights.

This increase in fuel costs could potentially affect the prices of flight tickets for both domestic and international travel.

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ATF Prices in Dollars:

  • Kolkata: $941.09 per kiloliter
  • Mumbai: $900.73 per kiloliter
  • Chennai: $897.83 per kiloliter

With ATF prices on the rise, airlines may face challenges in managing their operating expenses, and passengers might experience higher airfares in the coming days.



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