Lifetime Financial Security: LIC’s Saral Pension Plan Offers Fixed Monthly Payouts

Life after retirement should be peaceful and financially secure, and LIC understands this need.

Introducing the Saral Pension Plan – a unique policy designed to provide a guaranteed monthly pension for life.

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LIC, the country’s largest government insurance company, has come up with this exceptional plan to ensure that your income never stops after retirement.

Known for its popular schemes with guaranteed returns, LIC now offers the Saral Pension Plan with a one-time investment option.

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The Saral Pension Plan promises lifetime pension benefits and is available for individuals between the ages of 40 to 80 years.

Additionally, the policy includes a death benefit, ensuring that your investment goes to your nominee in case of an unfortunate event.

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One of the highlights of this plan is the flexibility it offers, allowing you to surrender the policy anytime after 6 months from its inception.

Guaranteed Fixed Pension:

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As you approach the age of 60, a fixed pension becomes crucial for a peaceful retirement.

The Saral Pension Yojana from LIC provides you with precisely that – a fixed monthly pension for life.


This post-retirement investment scheme is ideal for utilizing funds, gratuity, or retirement money, ensuring you continue to receive a steady pension month after month.

Investment Flexibility:


With the Saral Pension Plan, you can start with a minimum investment of Rs. 12,000 annually.

However, there is no upper limit on the maximum investment, allowing you to contribute as per your financial capabilities.

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Once you’ve invested in this scheme, you have the flexibility to choose the frequency of receiving your pension – yearly, half-yearly, quarterly, or monthly.

The policy requires a one-time lump sum investment, after which you can avail the annuity option.

Calculation for Secure Future:

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Let’s consider an example – if you invest Rs. 30 lakh in the Saral Pension Plan at the age of 42, you can enjoy a monthly pension of Rs. 12,388 for the rest of your life.

Moreover, this scheme allows you to take a loan after 6 months. The unique feature of this plan is that once your pension starts, you’ll receive its benefits for a lifetime.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to secure your retirement and ensure a financially stable future for you and your loved ones.

Choose LIC’s Saral Pension Plan today and embrace a life of tranquility in your golden years.


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