X (formerly Twitter) Bans Over 2 Lakh Accounts in India

In a recent move, X, formerly known as Twitter, has cracked down on over 2 lakh accounts in India, with more than 2,700 accounts banned for promoting terrorism.

The initiative aligns with the IT Rules 2021 and follows user complaints about suspicious activities on the platform.

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During the specified period, X received 3,229 complaints from Indian users, prompting the company to take decisive action.

Terrorism Promotion: Key Focus of the Ban

Out of the 2,37,339 accounts banned in October, 2,755 were found to be involved in promoting terrorism, according to X’s monthly report.

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The company, owned by Elon Musk, is committed to maintaining a safe and secure online environment for its users.

Monthly Compliance Report: Navigating IT Rules 2021

Under the new IT Rules 2021, social media platforms with over 50 lakh subscribers are mandated to submit monthly compliance reports.

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These reports must outline the actions taken by the platform, the number of received complaints, and the steps taken to ensure user safety and platform integrity.

Continued Vigilance: X’s Ongoing Efforts

This recent ban follows X’s earlier action in August, where 5,57,764 accounts were banned for various reasons, including the promotion of terrorist activities.

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The company remains vigilant in addressing user concerns and maintaining a secure online space.

X Introduces ‘Not a Bot’ Subscription Model: A New Chapter for Microblogging

In other social media news, X is set to implement a new subscription model named ‘Not a Bot.’


Under this model, users will be charged an annual fee of $1 for posting, replying, liking, and reposting content.

The move aims to combat bots and spammers, with non-subscribers restricted to content consumption.


Subscription Fees for Enhanced User Experience

With the ‘Not a Bot’ model, X intends to enhance user experience by mitigating spam and fostering a more authentic online community.

New users will be required to pay the annual fee, while non-subscribers can still read content but won’t have access to interactive features.

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Stay tuned for more updates on X’s evolving strategies and the dynamic landscape of social media platforms.


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