Indegene IPO Makes Strong Debut Amid Market Volatility: What’s Next?

New Delhi:

Indegene IPO, a digital services provider in the life science sector, made a remarkable debut on May 13, defying market trends with a premium listing of 45%.

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With an issue price of Rs 452, the IPO, valued at Rs 1,841.75 crore,

saw its shares listed at Rs 655 on NSE and Rs 659.7 on BSE, signaling strong investor interest despite market volatility.

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Insights from Anil Singhvi

Renowned market analyst Anil Singhvi had anticipated a robust listing for Indegene IPO, advising investors to capitalize on the opportunity for potential gains.

Singhvi suggests considering long-term investment prospects in the company, highlighting its promising future beyond the initial listing.

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Impressive Subscription Numbers

The overwhelming response to Indegene’s IPO was evident in its subscription numbers,

exceeding expectations by over 70 times.

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Institutional buyers showed significant interest, subscribing nearly 198 times, while non-institutional investors and retail individuals also demonstrated substantial interest,

with subscription rates of 54.75 times and 7.68 times, respectively.


Financial Landscape

With new shares worth up to Rs 760 crore and 2,39,32,732 equity shares offered for sale, Indegene’s IPO aimed to raise capital for various purposes,

including debt repayment, acquisitions, and general corporate needs.


Founded in 1998, Indegene has established itself as a leader in providing innovative solutions to pharmaceutical, biotechnology,

and medical device companies, facilitating product development, marketing, and sales acceleration.

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