Twitter bans Over 1.84 Lakh Indian Accounts: Reasons and Response

New Delhi:

Between March 26 and April 25, X Corporation, led by Elon Musk, took action against 184,241 Indian accounts due to various violations, including the promotion of child sexual abuse and non-consensual nudity.

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Additionally, 1,303 accounts were removed for promoting terrorism within the country.

Overall, X suspended 185,544 accounts during this period, as reported in its latest disclosure.

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Response to Complaints

X Corporation addressed 18,562 complaints from Indian users during the same period through its grievance redressal mechanism,

in accordance with the new IT Rules, 2021.

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Out of these, action was taken on 118 complaints appealing against account suspension. After careful review,

four accounts had their suspensions reversed, while the remaining reported accounts remained suspended.

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Common Complaints and Trends

According to X’s statement, the majority of complaints from India centered around various violations,

with 105 requests pertaining to general account inquiries during this reporting period.


Notably, the most common complaints included restriction violations (7,555 accounts), followed by instances of hateful conduct (3,353), sensitive adult content (3,335), and abuse/harassment (2,402).

It’s worth mentioning that prior to this period, 213,000 accounts were banned in India from February 26 to March 25, 2024.


Monthly Compliance Reports

Social media platforms are mandated to release compliance reports every month, outlining the actions taken by the company to ensure the safety of their users on the platform.

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