Swiggy Return to Home-Cooked Meals: A Rivalry with Zomato’s Everyday Service?

Swiggy is reintroducing its “Daily” service, catering to the demand for home-cooked meals as workplaces reopen post-pandemic.

This move sparks competition with Zomato’s “Everyday” service, both aiming to provide affordable, home-like meals to office-goers.

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Let’s delve into the details of Swiggy’s strategic comeback and its potential impact on the market.

Rationale Behind the Service Relaunch

Swiggy’s decision to revive its Daily service stems from the shifting dynamics of remote work as employees gradually return to offices.

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With the decline in the work-from-home trend, there’s a renewed demand for convenient meal options for office-goers.

Swiggy aims to tap into this demand by reintroducing its home-cooked meal service, offering affordability and variety to consumers.

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Competition with Zomato’s Everyday Service

Zomato’s Everyday service, already established in the market, offers similar home-cooked meal options at competitive prices.

Initially launched in select areas of Gurugram in February 2023, Zomato expanded its Everyday service in response to growing demand.

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The competition between Swiggy and Zomato intensifies as both platforms vie for dominance in the home-cooked meal segment, catering to the needs of office-goers.

Service Availability and Market Strategy

Swiggy’s Daily service will be integrated into its main app, unlike its previous standalone app.


This strategic move aims to attract new customers while retaining existing ones across various service categories.

Swiggy targets hostel, PG, and office-going individuals, leveraging its extensive user base and market reach to establish a strong presence in the segment.


User Base and Growth Objectives

Currently, Swiggy boasts approximately 14 to 16 million monthly users, trailing behind Zomato’s 18.6 million users.

Swiggy seeks to narrow this gap and expand its user base by reintroducing the Daily service.

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By offering home-cooked meals, Swiggy aims to capture a larger market share and enhance user engagement, thereby accelerating its growth trajectory.


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