Google Wallet Launches in India: How It Differs from Google Pay

Google Wallet has made its debut in India, offering users a secure digital wallet experience.

Here’s everything you need to know about Google Wallet and how it differs from Google Pay.

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Introducing Google Wallet in India

After its successful launch in America in 2022, Google Wallet is now available for Indian users to download from the Google Play Store.

Serving as a secure and confidential digital wallet, Google Wallet allows users to store essential items such as boarding passes, tickets, and more in one convenient location.

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Differentiating Google Wallet from Google Pay

While Google Wallet and Google Pay share similarities, they serve different purposes.

Google Wallet acts as a companion app to Google Pay, focusing on organizing and storing important cards, tickets, passes, and IDs securely.

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In contrast, Google Pay remains the primary payment app, managing transactions and finances.

Notably, Google Wallet currently does not support NFC technology for adding credit cards in India.

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Features and Functions of Google Wallet

Mobile Boarding Passes

Easily access and display your boarding passes on your Pixel phone by adding them to Google Wallet.


Loyalty and Gift Cards

Store loyalty or gift cards from various brands like Flipkart, Domino’s, and Shoppers Stop directly on your phone.


Digital ID Card

Eliminate the need for a physical ID card by storing it on your phone for office access.

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Pass Creation from Photos

Convert photos of airline boarding passes, luggage tags, or parking receipts into digital passes for easy storage in Google Wallet.

Gmail Integration

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With “Smart Personalization” enabled in Gmail, ticket confirmations for movies and trains will appear directly in your Google Wallet for convenient access.


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