YouTube Testing Color-Based Video Feed Feature for Enhanced Personalization

YouTube is poised to introduce a novel feature on its mobile app, revolutionizing the video browsing experience.

The platform is reportedly testing a color-based video feed feature, enabling users to select from three color options – Red, Green, and Blue – to receive video suggestions aligned with their chosen color theme.

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Key Features of Color-Based Video Feed:

Users can select their preferred color theme (Red, Green, or Blue), and YouTube will curate video suggestions accordingly.

Thumbnail-based search ensures that videos displayed in the feed align with the chosen color, enhancing visual coherence.

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The feature is available on both Android and iOS platforms, offering users a personalized video browsing experience.

Usage and Implementation:

Upon selecting a color theme, users are presented with a dedicated video feed showcasing content matching the chosen color scheme.

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This separate feed appears at the top of the home page, providing users with a unique browsing experience without affecting the main video feed.

Important Considerations:

Recommended videos in the color-based feed may vary irrespective of the user’s subscribed channels or watch history.

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Verification of this feature’s functionality by Gadgets 360 is pending, raising questions about its operational mechanics.

Whether color selection is based solely on thumbnails or involves algorithmic content analysis remains unclear.


Upcoming Competition from TikTok:

In response to evolving user preferences, TikTok is gearing up to introduce long-duration video features, potentially challenging YouTube’s dominance.

Reports suggest TikTok may soon allow users to upload 30-minute videos, enhancing the platform’s versatility.


This move follows TikTok’s recent introduction of 15-minute videos, accompanied by user-friendly navigation features such as fast-forwarding by tapping and holding on the right side of the video.

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