WhatsApp Testing New “Favorite Contact” Feature for Faster Calling: Here’s What to Expect

WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature to beta users on iOS, aiming to streamline the calling experience with the introduction of ‘Favorite Contacts.’

This innovative addition allows users to prioritize key contacts for quicker access to voice and video calls, enhancing convenience and efficiency.

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Details of the Feature:

The ‘Favorite Contact’ feature, spotted by the renowned WhatsApp beta tracking website WABetaInfo, enables users to designate select contacts as favorites, positioning them prominently at the top of the calls tab.

With a simple tap, users can initiate calls directly with their preferred contacts, simplifying communication with family and friends.

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Improved Calling Interface:

By prominently displaying favorite contacts in the calls tab, WhatsApp underscores the importance of prioritizing essential contacts for seamless communication.

The one-tap calling functionality ensures that initiating voice or video calls becomes effortlessly convenient, enhancing the overall WhatsApp calling experience.

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Setting Favorite Contacts:

While the method for setting favorite contacts is yet to be officially confirmed, speculation suggests that users may be able to accomplish this directly from the calls tab.

It is anticipated that a long press on a contact will enable users to designate it as a favorite, subsequently elevating it to the top of the calls tab for easy access.

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Awaiting Official Rollout:

Although this feature is currently undergoing beta testing and not available to all users, WhatsApp is expected to provide an official statement upon its wider release.

Meanwhile, the platform recently introduced pinned events in community groups for beta users on Android, further enhancing user convenience by prioritizing relevant community content.



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