UAE Increases Visa Fees For Foreign Tourists Including Indians

In an effort to revise its visa policy for tourists, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has recently implemented significant changes, leading to an increase in fees for Emirates ID, Visit Visa, and Residency Visa.

This decision is expected to make it more expensive for foreign tourists, especially Indians, to visit the UAE.

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One of the key modifications is the raised cost of Emirates ID, which has been increased from AED 270 to AED 370.

Consequently, the issuance fee for a one-month visit visa will now be 370 dirhams, as opposed to the previous fee of 270 dirhams.

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This adjustment is likely to have a considerable impact on the Indian community, as a large number of Indians reside in and visit the UAE.

These changes are part of a series of recent revisions to the visa and residency system.

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Notably, travel visas can no longer be extended within the UAE, and tourists will need to exit the country and obtain a new visa upon re-entry.

The Immigration and Citizenship Program (ICP) has also recently reduced the fine for overstaying the visa period to 50 dirhams per day,

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down from the previous penalty of 100 dirhams, applicable to both tourists and visit visa holders.

Additionally, the penalty for overstaying on residency visas has been increased to 50 dirhams from the previous 25 dirhams.


Last year, the UAE introduced comprehensive entry and residency reforms, which included an expanded golden visa scheme,

five-year green residency, multiple-entry tourist visas, and job visa entry permits.



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