Indian Students Can Now Work Visa-Free in Australia for 8 Years

In a positive development for Indian students studying in Australia, the country has recently implemented changes to its visa rules,

which were announced in April 2023 and took effect from July 1, 2023.

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As part of these changes, Indian students now have the opportunity to work in Australia without a visa for up to eight years.

The working hours for students have also been increased to 48 hours per week, and an extension of the work visa for an additional two years has been granted.

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India-Australia Sign Agreement

Last month, India and Australia signed a migration and mobility partnership agreement aimed at creating new opportunities for students, academic researchers, and business people.

This agreement includes the Mobility Arrangement for Talented Early-Professionals Scheme (METS), through which

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Australia will offer 3,000 young professionals from India the chance to work in the country without a visa each year, for a maximum duration of eight years.

Additionally, Indian students will now have the option to spend up to two years in Australia without requiring a visa sponsor.

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48-Hour Work Limit in 15 Days

Under the new visa rules, starting from July 1, all student visa holders will be permitted to work a maximum of 48 hours over a span of 15 days. However, this time limit does not apply to aged care work.

The objective of this rule is to encourage students to prioritize their education and studies.


Understanding the Mates Program

Mates is a temporary visa program that aims to attract graduates in various fields.

Including engineering, mining, financial technology, artificial intelligence, information and communication technology, agricultural technology, and renewable energy, to work in Australia.


To be eligible for the Mates Visa program, candidates must be below 31 years of age,

hold an education qualification from a recognized and verified university, and be in the early stages of their career.

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Immigration Reforms

Australia announced its intention to reform its immigration system in April, with a focus on facilitating the entry of highly skilled workers into the country.

As part of these reforms, the government plans to streamline and expedite the high-skilled visa process for professionals and implement measures to retain international students, offering greater incentives for skilled migrants to choose Australia as their destination.

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