Tata to increase Prices of it’s all Models after THIS Date (See Details)

Tata Motors, a prominent manufacturer of commercial and passenger vehicles in the country, has recently revealed its plans to increase the prices of its cars.

This news comes as a blow to car buyers, as they will now have to pay more for Tata Motors vehicles.

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The price increase will take effect from July 17th, affecting all models across the company’s lineup.

Tata Motors Implements 0.6% Price Hike

As part of the price hike, Tata Motors has decided to raise the prices of all its cars by 0.6 percent.

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To give an example, if you were considering buying a car priced at Rs 10 lakh, you may have to pay an additional Rs 6,000-7,000.

Although this may seem like a small amount, it will make all Tata Motors cars more expensive for customers after July 17th.

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June Sales Figures and Demand for Tata Motors

Tata Motors has also released its sales figures for the month of June, showing a slight increase in sales.

The company experienced a 1 percent growth in sales during this period, driven by the high demand for their SUVs like Tata Nexon and Tata Punch.

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Surge in SUV and Electric Vehicle Demand

According to a statement from Shailesh Chandra, the Managing Director of Tata Motors Passenger Vehicle Limited and Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Limited, there has been a rapid increase in demand for passenger vehicles, particularly in the SUV and Electric Vehicle segments, during the first quarter of the current financial year.

This surge in demand indicates a growing preference for new vehicles in these categories.



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