Truecaller launches AI-Powered Feature to Combat Spam Calls

Truecaller, the popular phone app, has taken a step towards curbing the rising nuisance of spam calls with its latest AI-powered feature.

The innovative AI Assistance feature utilizes cutting-edge machine learning and cloud telephony to help users identify and handle spam calls effectively.

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Currently, the feature is exclusively available for Android users, and accessing it requires downloading the latest app update.

How Does the AI Assistance Work?

With AI Assistance activated, Truecaller automatically answers incoming calls and transcribes the caller’s message, providing users with essential information to decide whether to take the call or not.

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This proves particularly helpful when the user is away from their phone, as Truecaller takes charge and promptly informs if the incoming call is suspected spam.

According to Rishit Jhunjhunwala, Managing Director of Truecaller India, the new feature extends beyond mere caller identification.

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Now, Truecaller’s AI assistant can interact with the caller on behalf of the user, eliminating the need to answer irrelevant spam calls.

Trial Period and Subscription Details

Truecaller currently offers a 14-day free trial of the AI Assistance feature for Android users.

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After the trial period, users can subscribe to the Truecaller Premium Assistant plan, starting at just Rs 149 per month.

As part of a promotional deal, the plan is presently available at a discounted rate of Rs 99.


Customization Options

For added convenience, Truecaller Assistance initially supports English, Hindi, and ‘Hinglish’ in India.

Users can further personalize their AI message and even change the assistant’s voice to suit their preferences.


With Truecaller’s new AI-powered feature, users can say goodbye to the nuisance of spam calls and enjoy a more peaceful and efficient phone experience.

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