TRAI implements New Rule to stop spam calls for Indian Mobile Cunsumers

The Telephone Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has introduced a new rule, effective from May 1, aimed at safeguarding mobile consumers from fraudulent calls.

Under this rule, all telecom companies are required to implement AI-Spam Filters.

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These filters, powered by artificial intelligence, will identify and block spam calls, providing users with protection against fraudulent activities.

Several major companies have already expressed their commitment to comply with this rule.

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Key Highlights

In February 2018, TRAI conducted a meeting with telecom companies to address the issue of fraud calls and messages. As a result, the Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulations, 2018 (TCCCPR, 2018) was established and implemented in February 2019.

The regulation included the creation of a blockchain (Distributed Ledger Technology-DLT) to combat unwanted calls and messages.

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TRAI had also mentioned the possibility of utilizing similar technology to tackle spam calls starting from May 1.

The Call ID Feature: TRAI initially proposed the use of the Call ID feature, which displays the caller’s name and photo, as a means to counter fake calls. However, due to privacy concerns, many companies declined to adopt this feature.

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How to Stop Spam Calls?

To permanently stop spam calls, users can register with TRAI’s National Customer Preference Register (NCPR), previously known as the National Do Not Call Registry (NDNC).

To avail of this service, users need to send an SMS with the text “START” to 1909 using their SMS app.


They will then receive a confirmation message and will be able to select the desired category to block spam calls. Within 24 hours, spam calls will cease.

TRAI clarifies Tariff Plan Verification Issue

TRAI has provided clarification on the verification of tariff plans, stating that no widespread examination of all previously filed tariff plans by telecom companies is taking place.


The authority emphasized that it is addressing specific complaints related to certain telecom service providers (TSPs) and will take appropriate action according to regulatory provisions.

Major things to know

1) Re-examination of Tariffs: TRAI reaffirmed its authority to re-examine tariffs in cases of non-compliance with regulatory principles, including allegations of predatory pricing practices by any stakeholder, including telcos.

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2) Investigation upon Receipt of Complaints: TRAI clarified that it is not conducting a comprehensive review of all past tariff plans unless specific complaints are received.

In response to alleged poaching complaints against certain TSPs, TRAI is investigating the matter and will take suitable action as per regulatory guidelines.

3) Regular Scrutiny of Tariff Proposals: TRAI ensures regular scrutiny of tariff proposals submitted by telecom companies to ensure compliance with regulatory provisions.

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The examination of tariffs has been a standard practice since the establishment of the Telecom Tariff Order (TTO) in 1999.

TRAI also issued a separate clarification regarding the “Draft Rules on Accuracy of Metering and Billing Systems.”

Annual Audits of LSA

TRAI has emphasized that the proposed regulations aim to reduce the burden on service providers regarding the frequency of audits.

Instead of quarterly audits, an annual audit of each Licensed Service Area (LSA) is proposed, resulting in one audit per year for each LSA.

Our Thought

The biggest problem we face as a mobile phone user is the spam calls and messages. whether we provide our number or not, we still get a thousand calls every month. DND Facility is not enough. Telemarketers have found their way around it. and it becomes really frustrating when you are doing something important and you get a call and then other person says your loan is approved.

This step from TRAI will surely help in elimination of Spam Calls on Mobile Network. If not 100% then at-least to the extent we are disturbed less and avoided many of the spam calls. Everyone needed this facility from long ago.

Are you also suffering from spam calls issue? Let us know in comments.


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