Easily Track and Recover Your Stolen Mobile with Sanchar Saathi Portal

Misuse of mobile phone can also lead to identity theft, fake KYC, banking fraud. But Sanchar Saathi portal will now solve your problem in few minutes.

All the information related to this has been given on https://sancharsaathi.gov.in.

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Features of Portal

1) From this portal you can check the connections registered in your name. You can report fake or unnecessary connections

2) Stolen or lost mobile phone can be blocked. The correctness of IMEI can be checked before buying the mobile.

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This entire system has been prepared by the Department of Telecom itself. In which there are some special modules.

Centralized Equipment Identity Register (CEIR)

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In case one’s mobile device is stolen or lost, the user can provide the IMEI number on the portal. The copy of the police complaint is verified with the information provided by the user.

The system is integrated with Telecom Service Providers and Law Enforcement Agencies. Once the information is verified, the system blocks the use of the stolen mobile phone in the Indian network.

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If someone tries to use a stolen device, the system allows legal administration agencies to trace the device.

When the stolen device is recovered, the user can unlock the device on the portal. The system prevents the use of stolen/lost mobiles.


It also prevents mobile devices with incorrect or fake IMEI from being used in the Indian network.

What to do if your Phone is stolen?

If the mobile is stolen, you can suffer a big loss. So, without delay, let us know what you should do as soon as the mobile is stolen, so that you can avoid loss.


First Step

If your mobile has been stolen due to any reason, then you should first go to your nearest police post and get an FIR done that when and how your mobile was stolen.

After this, do not forget to take a copy of that FIR, so that if something goes wrong with your mobile then you can be safe.

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Second Step

If the mobile is stolen, then you should block the SIM of your mobile. If you do not do this, then your number may also be misused.

You can block the number by calling the customer care of your SIM network.

Third Step

If your mobile is stolen, change all your passwords immediately. For example, do not forget to change the important passwords like online banking password, UPI app password and social media.

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Otherwise you may be in trouble.

Fourth Step

After the mobile is stolen, login to your other mobile and login to your Gmail and other apps, so that no one else can login anywhere.

Also, keep in mind for the future that do not keep the password auto-saved on any app in your mobile.

Our Thought

This is a very important initiative from Indian Government. This sanchar sarthi portal will help Indian Citizens alot. Mobile Theft and Lost cases are piling up at almost every police stations. Lack of technology and tracking softwares made it difficult to solve. But with recent initiative we can say our phones are safer than ever.

You must follow all the steps and register on sanchar sarthi portal to secure your mobile. And if you have lost your phone then you must do so too.

Do you think this initiative will be helpful to you? if not, why? Comment below.


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