US to bring Big Changes in H1B Visa Registration Process to tackle increasing Fraud Cases

Many people aspire to work in the United States, and the H1B visa program has long been the gateway to realizing their dreams.

However, recent admissions by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) have revealed fraudulent activities within the H1B visa lottery system.

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USCIS is now preparing to enforce new laws to combat this fraud and ensure a fair and transparent process.

USCIS Concerns and Commitment

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According to USCIS, instances of fraud in H1B visa applications have been on the rise each year. Disturbingly, evidence indicates that investigations into lottery fraud have been initiated for both FY 2023 and FY 2024.

Recognizing the importance of the H1B program for the country’s immigration system and economy, USCIS emphasizes its dedication to adapting laws in response to the evolving needs of the US labor market.

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The Rise of Fraudulent Practices

The number of H1B visa applications has been steadily increasing. In the current year, a staggering 780,884 applications have been received through the lottery system.

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This figure marks a significant rise from 483,927 applications the previous year and 301,447 applications the year before that.

This surge is largely attributed to multiple registrations submitted by the same applicant.


Specifically, this year alone, there has been a fourfold increase of 400,000 applications due to duplicate submissions, compared to a rise of 165,180 applications last year.

Preparations for Law Enforcement


To address these fraudulent practices, USCIS emphasizes that any incorrect or misleading information provided by applicants or companies will result in immediate rejection of their applications.

Furthermore, USCIS is actively working on implementing new laws to combat such cases and take appropriate legal action.

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Notably, even technical workers within the United States have launched a campaign against H1B visa fraud, asserting that it has been an ongoing issue for several years.

By acknowledging the presence of fraud in the H1B visa lottery system, USCIS aims to restore integrity and fairness to the process.

The forthcoming implementation of stricter regulations signifies a commitment to protect the interests of both aspiring immigrants and the US labor market.

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Our Thoughts:

Every now and then we have heard of visa fraud cases and it was increasing every day. This move from US government will surely help them tackle the fraud cases. The change in H1B Visa Registration will bring more transparency in system.

But the thing is being a normal individual like you and me. We need to be more aware during our application process. As we already discussed, A simple mistake, false detail and misleading information will lead to immediate rejection of our application.

What do you think about this change? comment below.


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