Telecom Regulator TRAI Sets Stringent Quality Standards for Service Providers

Telecom companies and internet service providers have received significant news as the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) announces new guidelines.

The regulatory authority has mandated that Service Activation time should not exceed 6 hours, ensuring faster access for users within just 30 seconds.

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The guidelines further stipulate that ISPs must achieve a minimum of 80% reach at the ISP node on the first attempt, 90% on the second attempt, and an impressive 99% on the third attempt.

This move is aimed at enhancing connectivity and reliability for consumers.

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In a bid to improve service quality, TRAI has set a maximum allowance of only 30 minutes for any service disruptions during a month.

Service providers will be required to meet these benchmarks within a 6-month timeframe, as per the TRAI’s directive.

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The Quality of Service standards has undergone an overhaul as the TRAI withdrew the outdated Regulation, 2001 (4 of 2001) on Quality of Service of Dial-up and Leased Line Internet Access Services.

With advancing technology, the need for up-to-date regulations has become evident, and the new rules have come into effect immediately.

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This development emphasizes the importance of maintaining a high standard of service, ensuring customer satisfaction,

and promoting a seamless digital experience for users across the country.



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