Suzlon Energy Shares has gained 50% in last one month

Suzlon Energy’s shares have experienced a significant growth trajectory since mid-May 2023.

Over the past month alone, the stock has soared by an impressive 47.37 percent.

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After dropping below Rs 8.20, the company’s share price reached Rs 16.80 today, marking a remarkable increase.

Investors who had put their money into this stock would have more than doubled their investment,

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as the stock has provided multibagger returns over the past month and a half.

Today’s Trading: 10 Percent Upper Circuit

Suzlon shares started the day on a positive note, hitting a new 52-week high of Rs 16.80 on the NSE.

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In contrast, the stock closed at Rs 15.30 on Friday. During today’s trading session, Suzlon’s shares reached the upper circuit of 10 percent.

Impressive Growth: Suzlon Energy Share Price

Suzlon Energy’s share price has been consistently moving upward over the past month and a half, surging from around Rs 8.20 to Rs 16.80, resulting in a remarkable 100 percent return during this period.

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In the last month, the stock has risen from approximately Rs 11 to around Rs 16.80, reflecting a growth of about 50 percent.

Notably, ICICI Securities predicts further upside potential for Suzlon Energy shares.


Noteworthy Performance: 61.54 Percent Increase in 6 Months

Looking at the chart of the past five days, the company’s stock has witnessed a gain of 19.57 percent during this period.

Moreover, the stock price has increased by an impressive 61.54 percent over the past six months.


Suzlon’s 52-week high stands at Rs 16.80, while the low point is Rs 5.42.

‘Buy’ Rating for the Stock

ICICI Securities has assigned a ‘Buy’ rating to the stock, setting a target price of Rs 22.

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It is worth mentioning that on March 26, 2020, the company’s stock hit its lowest level of Rs 1.51.

Conversely, on January 9, 2008, the share price reached a record high of Rs 431.

About Suzlon Group’s Business

Suzlon Group is a leading provider of renewable energy solutions.

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The company operates in 17 countries and has a significant presence in India, where it manages wind energy assets totaling 13.9 GW.


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