Vodafone Idea introduces 2 New Cheapest Recharge Plans with Additional Data

Vodafone-Idea, a leading telecom operator in India, may be trailing behind Airtel and Jio in the 5G race, but it continues to introduce attractive recharge plans for its users.

In comparison to other operators, Vi offers several benefits in its recharge plans, including unlimited night data and data rollover.

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Recently, the company launched two new recharge plans priced at Rs 24 and Rs 49, catering to the needs of its customers. Let’s take a closer look at these plans.

Introducing Vi’s Rs 24 ‘Super Hour’ Plan

Vi’s latest offering is the Rs 24 prepaid recharge plan known as the ‘Super Hour’ plan

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As the name suggests, this plan comes with a short validity of only 1 hour.

However, during this hour, users can enjoy unlimited 4G data usage. Once the hour is over, the speed will be reduced according to the active plan.

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This plan is ideal for users who have depleted their daily data quota and require extra data for urgent tasks.

Vi’s Rs 49 ‘Super Day’ Plan

Vi’s second new plan is called the ‘Super Day’ plan and comes with a validity of 24 hours, offering users a full day of high-speed 4G internet data.

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Priced at Rs 49, this plan provides 6GB of data. It is particularly beneficial for users who need a larger data allowance to cover their daily internet needs.

Vi’s statement regarding the new recharge plans states, “These packs enable Vi prepaid users to use data freely without any disruption, thereby enhancing the user experience.”


In conclusion, Vodafone-Idea’s recent launch of these affordable recharge plans provides users with additional data access and improved flexibility.



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