RBI Holds Steady on Repo Rate: Relief for Home Loan EMIs, Potential for Decrease Ahead

In its latest move, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) announced its monetary policy on August 10 at 10 am, maintaining the repo rate at 6.5 percent.

The Monetary Policy Committee’s decision to keep the rate unchanged for the third consecutive policy announcement has significant implications for home loan borrowers, offering a glimmer of stability and potential EMI relief.

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Context and EMI Stability: RBI’s Consistent Repo Rate Decision Brings EMI Comfort

Amidst concerns over home loan borrowers grappling with increasing EMIs due to the rise in the repo rate by 2.5 percent over the past five to six quarters, RBI’s decision to maintain the current repo rate offers a respite.

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The central bank’s prior rate hikes were implemented to curb inflation.

Although inflation has moderated since then, RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das highlighted the institution’s ongoing commitment to bring it down to 4 percent.

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Future Rate Outlook: Inflation Uncertainty Hints at Repo Rate Stability

Market experts speculate that Governor Shaktikanta Das has upwardly revised the estimate for retail inflation in the current fiscal year.

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Consequently, hopes for an imminent reduction in the repo rate have diminished.

If retail inflation aligns with RBI’s target by year-end, any rate adjustment is unlikely before the first quarter of the subsequent financial year.


As a result, borrowers can anticipate maintaining their current EMI levels until then.

Mitigating Strategies for Borrowers: Tactical Approaches Amidst EMI Worries


While the prospect of EMI reduction in the immediate term remains uncertain, homeowners have several strategic options at their disposal:

  1. Consider Loan Transfer: With expectations of interest rate decreases in the offing both nationally and internationally by late 2023 or early 2024, borrowers could explore transferring their home loans to banks offering lower interest rates. 

    It’s advised to consider a transfer if a substantial reduction, around 1 to 1.5 percent, in interest rates is offered.

  2. Utilize Windfalls Wisely: Windfall gains such as company bonuses can be strategically allocated towards partial home loan repayments. This strategy reduces overall interest expenses.
  3. Opt for EMI Increase Over Loan Tenure: Instead of extending the loan tenure, which escalates interest costs, homeowners who have received income increments can opt to increase their EMIs. This approach ensures that interest expenditure remains manageable.

Conclusion: RBI’s decision to maintain the current repo rate comes as a welcome relief to home loan borrowers struggling with previous rate hikes.

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While near-term EMI reductions remain uncertain, borrowers can adopt strategic measures to navigate the existing interest rate landscape wisely.

As both domestic and global interest rate adjustments are anticipated in the foreseeable future, homeowners are encouraged to make informed decisions tailored to their financial circumstances.

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