Mahindra Launches Innovative e-Alfa Super Rickshaw, Packed with Enhanced Features

Mahindra & Mahindra, a pioneer in the realm of last-mile mobility solutions, has unveiled the revolutionary e-Alfa Super electric three-wheeler.

Priced at approximately ₹1.61 lakh, this cutting-edge offering stands as a testament to Mahindra’s commitment to electric mobility and sustainable transportation solutions.

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As the sole electric three-wheeler manufacturer in India, Mahindra’s e-Alfa Super showcases remarkable features designed to empower drivers and enhance the driving experience.

Exceptional Range and Performance: Key Characteristics Setting the e-Alfa Super Apart

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The e-Alfa Super is equipped with a 140 Ah lead-acid battery that outshines its predecessors in terms of certified range.

The vehicle’s electric motor generates 1.64 kW of power and 22 Nm of torque, ensuring both efficiency and performance.

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This electric three-wheeler provides a remarkable range of up to 95 kilometers on a single charge, presenting a game-changing solution for drivers seeking self-employment opportunities.

Green Mobility and Driver Empowerment: Advancing Income Prospects and Environmental Preservation

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Designed with driver partners in mind, the e-Alfa Super offers a holistic package that enhances income potential and contributes to environmental well-being.

The vehicle’s extended range, advanced safety measures, and top-of-the-line comfort features make it an attractive proposition for those looking to make a livelihood in the mobility sector while adhering to environmentally conscious choices.


Access and Convenience: Smooth Path to Ownership

Upon receiving local government approval in respective states, the e-Alfa Super will be available for purchase at nearby Mahindra showrooms.


Additionally, Mahindra is extending complimentary accidental insurance coverage of ₹10 lakh to driver partners, further solidifying its commitment to their well-being.

Efficiency and Support: Advanced Technology and Robust Infrastructure

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Mahindra accompanies the e-Alfa Super with a one-year warranty and an 18A charger.

The vehicle’s quick-charging capability saves drivers time and boosts productivity, while over 10,000 charging stations scattered across the nation ensure convenient recharging options.

With a vast network of more than 1,150 touchpoints nationwide, Mahindra is prepared to provide seamless service and support, ensuring that the e-Alfa Super remains an efficient and reliable choice for drivers.

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Conclusion: As Mahindra & Mahindra brings forth the innovative e-Alfa Super, it reiterates its role as a trusted mobility partner and a pioneer in eco-friendly transportation solutions.

This cutting-edge electric three-wheeler not only enriches the earnings of driver partners but also advances the cause of clean mobility in alignment with global trends.

With its comprehensive package of features and unwavering customer trust, Mahindra continues to drive progress in the Indian mobility landscape.


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