Railway Rule for doing Multiple Journeys on a single Train Ticket

Among the myriad services offered by Indian Railways to millions of passengers across the country,

one unique and lesser-known feature stands out: Circular Journey Ticket.

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Designed to accommodate travelers seeking multi-stop journeys, this specialized ticket offers an exceptional level of convenience,

allowing passengers to embark on multiple legs of their journey using a single ticket.

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Unveiling this little-known gem, we delve into the specifics of the Circular Journey Ticket.

Circular Journey Ticket Details

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The Circular Journey Ticket facilitates a journey that encompasses not one, but multiple stations up to eight, to be precise on a single ticket. This distinctive offering caters primarily to pilgrims, explorers, and sightseers who intend to traverse diverse regions in a single trip.

How it Works?

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The essence of the Circular Journey Ticket lies in its structure. Starting and ending at the same point, travelers outline their journey route, specifying each stop along the way.

For instance, if one secures a Circular Journey Ticket from New Delhi to Kanyakumari on the Northern Railway route, the journey commences and concludes in New Delhi.


The itinerary could involve visiting Mathura, Mumbai Central, Marmagoa, Bangalore City, Mysore, Udagamandalam, Thiruvananthapuram Central, and finally, Kanyakumari, before retracing the route back to New Delhi.

To avail of this service, prospective passengers must submit an application, outlining their intended route to railway officials before booking.


Validity and Advantages

A Circular Journey Ticket remains valid for a span of 56 days, offering ample time for a comprehensive journey.

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An inherent advantage of this ticket is that it eliminates the need to procure tickets at multiple stations, alleviating the inconvenience and expense of buying tickets individually.

This not only saves time but also results in cost savings.

The fares applicable to Circular Journey Tickets are often more affordable compared to regular point-to-point fares, as they are calculated using telescopic rates.

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The Circular Journey Ticket, a hidden treasure among the Indian Railways’ offerings, caters to travelers with a penchant for exploration and diverse destinations.

By affording the luxury of a single-ticket journey spanning multiple locations, this service streamlines travel, enhances convenience, and ensures that travelers can focus on the journey itself, unburdened by logistical complexities.


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