Govt takes Crucial Steps to limit the Number of SIM Cards

The government’s initiative to reduce SIM card availability per ID from 9 to 4 aims to tackle online fraud effectively.

This measure will deter fraudsters from obtaining multiple SIM cards using the same ID.

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Strict Cap Imposed per ID

Effective immediately, the government has implemented a strict limit of 4 SIM cards that can be issued per identification document (ID).

This measure aims to reinforce security measures and curb online fraud.


Digital Verification Process

To streamline customer verification and enhance convenience, the government has shifted the process entirely to a digital platform.

This change ensures a smoother experience for users while maintaining robust security standards.


Stay Informed with Sanchar Saathi Portal

The Sanchar Saathi portal now provides users with the ability to track the number of SIM cards issued against their ID.

AI Filters is a Shield

The government’s integration of AI filters aims to combat unwanted calls and fraudulent activities.

These intelligent filters effectively identify and block unsolicited calls and messages, safeguarding individuals from potential scams and intrusions.



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