BSNL launches 4G Services in India Beta Trial Begins in Amritsar

State-owned telecom company Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has made a significant move by finally launching its 4G services in India.

The initial rollout began in Amritsar, Punjab, as part of a beta trial. During this phase, BSNL will distribute 4G prepaid SIM cards to selected users to gauge their response and fine-tune the service accordingly.

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The company aims to expand its 4G network across the entire country by the end of 2023, bringing improved connectivity to users nationwide.

Successful Testing and Network Expansion

BSNL has successfully conducted testing of its 4G network and has already made 200 live network sites available in Firozpur, Pathankot, and Amritsar, Punjab.

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The beta launch of BSNL’s 4G services took place on July 15, 2023, marking a significant milestone for the telecom company.

By deploying its 4G infrastructure, BSNL is taking steps to enhance its services and meet the growing demand for high-speed connectivity.

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4G Connectivity Reaching Remote Areas

One of the notable aspects of BSNL’s 4G service is its commitment to extending coverage to rural and remote areas.

The company has emphasized that its 4G network is indigenous and has already placed orders with Tata and other companies to roll out 1 lakh (100,000) 4G networks across the country.

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By the end of 2023, BSNL aims to provide seamless 4G services nationwide, including regions like Delhi, Mumbai, and various remote areas that often face connectivity challenges.

Implications for the Telecom Market

BSNL’s nationwide rollout of its 4G network is expected to shake up the competition in the telecom market, particularly for industry leaders like Jio and Airtel.


BSNL’s indigenous 4G network is expected to offer more affordability compared to its competitors, which could attract a significant user base.

Although the current launch is in the beta phase, BSNL plans to expand its 4G services to more locations in the coming weeks and months, increasing its presence and providing users with improved options for high-speed connectivity.


With BSNL’s entry into the 4G market, users can look forward to better services and increased competition among telecom providers,

ultimately driving advancements in the quality and affordability of 4G connectivity in India.

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