Get Your Jio VIP Number Easily – Follow These Steps

Many people in the country are crazy about having a VIP number and are willing to put in the effort and pay the fees to get one.

If you also desire a VIP number like 0007 or 9999, here’s your chance to get it from Jio hassle-free!

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Visit Jio’s Official Website

To obtain a VIP number from Jio, start by going to Jio’s official website at or directly access

Select Your Preferred VIP Number

Once you are on the Jio portal, you will find a list of VIP numbers available.

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Choose the number of your choice from the provided options.

Enter Your Mobile Number and OTP

Next, enter your mobile number in the designated box and proceed with the OTP login received on your number.

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Reserve Your VIP Number

After logging in, you can enter the VIP number of your choice.

You’ll also receive additional suggestions for mobile numbers. Click the box next to your preferred number.

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To secure your chosen VIP number, a nominal charge of Rs. 499 is applicable.

Click on the payment option and complete the transaction.



By following these simple steps, you can easily get your desired VIP number from Jio.

Don’t miss this opportunity to stand out with your special number!



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