Flight Offer: 30% Off on Airfares to M.P, Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Maharashtra

Tourist Destinations Experience Reduced Footfall in Monsoon Season

In the monsoon season, tourist destinations are witnessing a decline in the number of visitors, leading to a reduction in flight bookings.

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Popular spots like Goa are experiencing a decrease in the number of passengers on flights.

Airlines Offer Discounts to Attract Passengers

Air India and Indigo Reduce Fares by 10-30%

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To entice travelers during the off-peak season, Air India and Indigo have implemented fare reductions ranging from 10% to 30%.

This move is aimed at attracting more passengers to their flights.

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Limited Availability of Low Fare Schemes from Bhopal

Passengers Often Miss Out on Low Fare Opportunities

Normally, passengers booking flights from Bhopal do not frequently benefit from the airlines’ low fare schemes.

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These special fares, offered once or twice a year, are only available for a limited number of seats, causing only a few travelers to take advantage of them.

Impact of Season on Air Fares

Monsoon Season Proves Beneficial for Air Passengers


Airport Director Ramji Awasthi emphasized that the monsoon season significantly affects air fares, and during this time, air passengers can avail substantial benefits.

Current Air Fare Details

Air Fare Details for Popular Routes


Presently, the fares for various routes are as follows:

  • Bhopal to Delhi: Spot Fare Rs. 3973, Pre Fare Rs. 3575
  • Bhopal to Mumbai: Spot Fare Rs. 5130, Pre Fare Rs. 4918
  • Bhopal to Bangalore: Spot Fare Rs. 9484, Pre Fare Rs. 4435
  • Bhopal to Hyderabad: Spot Fare Rs. 10063, Pre Fare Rs. 7648
  • Bhopal to Goa: Spot Fare Rs. 5515, Pre Fare Rs. 5135
  • Bhopal to Jaipur: Spot Fare Rs. 6966, Pre Fare Rs. 3618
  • Bhopal to Udaipur: Spot Fare Rs. 3348, Pre Fare Rs. 3348
  • Bhopal to Agra: Spot Fare Rs. 6008, Pre Fare Rs. 3222
  • Bhopal to Prayagraj: Spot Fare Rs. 3170, Pre Fare Rs. 3065
  • Indore to Delhi: Spot Fare Rs. 3500, Pre Fare Rs. 3500
  • Indore to Mumbai: Spot Fare Rs. 4050, Pre Fare Rs. 4050
  • Indore to Bengaluru: Spot Fare Rs. 6157, Pre Fare Rs. 6157
  • Indore to Hyderabad: Spot Fare Rs. 5812, Pre Fare Rs. 4604
  • Indore to Goa: Spot Fare Rs. 11209, Pre Fare Rs. 5830
  • Indore to Jaipur: Spot Fare Rs. 9269, Pre Fare Rs. 4712
  • Indore to Udaipur: Spot Fare Rs. 3327, Pre Fare Rs. 2377
  • Prayagraj to Bhopal: Spot Fare Rs. 3863, Pre Fare Rs. 3347

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