Visa-Free Travel to 57 Countries Now Possible for Indian Citizens

India’s passport has shown significant improvement in its global ranking, climbing five places compared to last year.

Visa-Free Travel

Citizens of India can now enjoy visa-free travel to an impressive total of 57 countries, according to the latest Henley Passport Index ranking.

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India Ranks 80th on Henley Passport Index, Reaches New Milestone

In the recently released Henley Passport Index, India secures the 80th position, matching the rankings of countries like Togo and Senegal.

Indian Citizens Granted Visa-Free Access in 57 Nations

Indian citizens can now explore a range of fascinating destinations like Indonesia, Thailand, Rwanda, Jamaica, and Sri Lanka without the need for a visa.

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Japan Slips in Rankings, Singapore Tops the List

Japan, which held the top spot for five years, has now slipped to the third position.

Singapore has taken over as the new leader in the latest Henley Passport Index.

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Singapore’s Passport Offers Visa-Free Entry to 192 Countries

Singapore’s passport now holds the crown of the world’s most powerful passport, granting its citizens visa-free entry to a staggering 192 countries.

USA Drops to 8th Position; UK Rises to 4th

The United States has fallen to the eighth position, while the UK has climbed two spots to secure the fourth position in the global passport ranking.

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Afghanistan Ranks Lowest in Henley Passport Index

Afghanistan’s passport ranks at the bottom of the list, with its citizens having visa-free access to only 27 countries.



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