EaseMyTrip offers Huge Discounts on Flight Bookings with Exclusive Codes

New Delhi:

In the wake of increased interest in domestic beach destinations post-PM Narendra Modi’s visit to Lakshadweep and Ease My Trip’s decision to cancel all Maldives bookings amid controversy, the travel platform is offering substantial flight discounts for Indian travelers.

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Ease My Trip’s co-founder and CEO, Nishant Pitti, shared the news on Twitter,

unveiling exclusive discount codes – “Nation First” and “Bharat First” – allowing citizens to enjoy significant savings on flight bookings.

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Ease My Trip Offer Details:

Discount Codes:

Nation First: Up to Rs 1000 discount. Bharat First: Rs 300 discount.

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Discount Example:

Screenshots shared by Nishant Pitti display flight bookings from Delhi to Bangalore and Delhi to Mumbai, showcasing discounts ranging from Rs 300 to Rs 1000.

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Context and Background:

After the India-Maldives dispute, Ease My Trip took a principled stand by suspending all flight bookings to the Maldives.


Nishant Pitti expressed solidarity with the nation and initiated the Lakshadweep travel campaign (#ChaloLakshadweep) to promote domestic tourism.

Nishant Pitti’s Statement:

Nishant Pitti, in a tweet, mentioned, “You can get special discount codes by using Nation First and Bharat First codes.”

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The move is seen as a step to encourage travelers to explore and support domestic tourism.

Travelers can leverage these exclusive codes to avail substantial discounts and contribute to the #ChaloLakshadweep campaign initiated by Ease My Trip.

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