Zomato to Charge Rs 2 Platform Fee on Every Order, Following Swiggy’s Lead

Zomato, following in the footsteps of its competitor Swiggy, has recently introduced a ‘platform fee’ of Rs 2 on each order.

Regardless of the order value, customers will now be charged this nominal fee. This move comes shortly after Zomato achieved profitability for the first time.

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At present, the platform fee is applicable only to select users and has not been implemented on Zomato’s grocery delivery platform, Blickint.

Zomato’s Platform Fee Experiment: A Step Towards Sustaining Operations

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A pop-up message on Zomato reads, “This is a small fee to help us pay our bills so that we can keep Zomato running.”

A company spokesperson stated that the platform fee is currently in an experimental phase, and they may or may not extend it to all users in the future.

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Swiggy’s Precedent: Charging Rs 2 Platform Fee on Orders

Swiggy had introduced a similar platform fee four months before Zomato’s decision.

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The Rs 2 platform fee is applicable on each order for Swiggy users as well.

Nominal Fee, Significant Fund: Impact of Rs 2 on Zomato’s Revenue


Considering Zomato’s average gross order value of approximately Rs 415, the Rs 2 platform fee accounts for a mere 0.5%.

However, this seemingly small amount can collectively generate substantial revenue for the company.


Zomato’s Potential Earnings: Millions of Orders Create Huge Value

JP Morgan’s report revealed that Zomato recorded around 176 million orders in the June quarter, averaging two million orders daily.

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With this implementation, the company stands to earn an additional income of approximately Rs 40 lakh per day and Rs 12 crore per month.

Customers Unlikely to Notice Marginal Increase: Analyst’s Perspective

Analysts predict that most customers may not even notice the marginal increase of Rs 2 in their total bill at the time of ordering.

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However, due to the massive number of daily orders on Zomato’s platform, this platform fee has the potential to create significant value for the company.


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