EPF Account Woes: Employer Fails to Deposit Funds? File a Complaint with EPFO

In a bid to safeguard the interests of employees, the Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) emphasizes the importance of regularly checking one’s EPF account statement.

Instances of employers deducting funds from employees’ salaries but failing to contribute to their EPF accounts have been reported.

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Such occurrences are often linked to financial instability faced by the company, making it crucial for workers to remain vigilant.

Leveraging Online Channels: Reporting EPF Account Discrepancies

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If you find discrepancies in your EPF account statement, don’t take it lightly. The EPFO provides a convenient online platform for lodging complaints – the EPFIGMS portal.

Complainants can either use their Universal Account Number (UAN) or the company’s EPFO registration number to register a grievance swiftly.

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Submitting Documents for Complaint Processing

When filing a complaint, certain documents are essential to substantiate your claim.

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Alongside salary slips, employees can utilize their EPF account statements to provide evidence of fund deductions without corresponding deposits.

Many companies upload salary slips on self-service portals, facilitating easy access for employees.


How to Lodge an Online Complaint

Making an online complaint is hassle-free through the EPFIGMS portal. By entering your UAN, the process becomes more streamlined, followed by a one-time password (OTP) verification.


After providing the necessary personal information and uploading relevant documents, your complaint will be registered, and you’ll receive confirmation via SMS.

By staying vigilant and proactively addressing discrepancies, employees can ensure the security of their hard-earned savings in the EPF account.

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Registering complaints with EPFO empowers workers to protect their financial interests and demand accountability from employers.


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