Zomato Launches Exclusive Service for Vegetarians

Zomato, the leading online food delivery platform, has introduced a dedicated service catering exclusively to vegetarians.

Known as the Pure Veg Fleet, this initiative is designed to meet the demands of customers who adhere to a strictly vegetarian diet.

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Founder’s Vision:

Deepinder Goyal, CEO and founder of Zomato, announced the launch of the Pure Veg Fleet via social media platform ‘X’.

He emphasized the significance of this service in catering to India’s vast vegetarian population, the largest in the world.

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Green to Red: Dress Code Controversy:

Initially, Zomato issued green uniforms to delivery personnel tasked with delivering vegetarian orders, sparking controversy.

However, in response to feedback, the company swiftly pivoted, opting for a red dress code instead.

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Ensuring Purity:

The Pure Veg Fleet will exclusively handle orders from vegetarian restaurants, ensuring that only vegetarian food is delivered in the green-labeled boxes.

This move reinforces Zomato’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of vegetarian preferences.

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What is Pure Veg Mode?:

Zomato’s Pure Veg Mode guarantees that orders are sourced solely from vegetarian eateries.

This means that neither non-vegetarian food nor vegetarian offerings from non-vegetarian establishments will be included in deliveries made by the Pure Veg Fleet.


Zomato’s foray into a dedicated vegetarian service marks a significant step in catering to diverse dietary preferences and upholding customer satisfaction.



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