IRCTC: Railways Introduces Cashless Ticketing for Travelers

In a bid to alleviate the woes of forgetfulness or depleted pockets while rushing to catch a train, the Indian Railways has rolled out a groundbreaking initiative.

Even if passengers find themselves devoid of cash, purchasing a train ticket is now stress-free.

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The introduction of this service comes as a relief for many travelers, ensuring a smooth journey regardless of financial constraints.

The Agra Division has pioneered this innovative facility, beginning its implementation at the Agra Cantonment station.

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Embracing Digital Transactions: Promoting Cashless Travel

In line with the government’s push towards a cashless economy, Indian Railways has embraced digital transactions wholeheartedly.

Passengers can now effortlessly purchase tickets from designated counters on the platform by simply scanning a QR code.

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This cashless counter facilitates swift and secure transactions, with fare details prominently displayed for passengers’ convenience.

Extending Cashless Solutions Across Agra Division

The initiative to promote cashless payments extends beyond ticketing to encompass all facets of railway services within the Agra division.

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Travelers can now utilize QR code scanning to purchase food items at various stations, including Agra Cantonment, Agra Fort, and Mathura Junction. Parking facilities at these stations also offer the convenience of online payments.

Furthermore, passengers can bid farewell to the hassle of carrying loose change, as pay-and-use toilet facilities now accept cashless payments, enhancing overall efficiency and saving valuable time for travelers.


Surge in Digital Ticketing: A Testament to Modernization

Official data from Indian Railways underscores the growing trend towards digital ticketing. Over the past few years, the adoption of mobile and website-based ticketing has surged significantly.

In the fiscal year 2020-21, digital ticket sales via the mobile app amounted to Rs 808 lakh, while transactions through the railway website totaled Rs 932 lakh.


This trend continued to escalate in the subsequent fiscal year, with ticket sales soaring to Rs 1915 lakh through the mobile app and Rs 2259 lakh via the railway website in 2021-22.

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