Xiaomi Pad 7 Pro Specs Leak: Snapdragon Processor, 144Hz Display, and More

Xiaomi enthusiasts, brace yourselves for the much-anticipated Xiaomi Pad 7 Pro, as specifications of the upcoming tablet have reportedly been leaked.

The Pad 7 series, following the success of the Pad 6 series, is expected to introduce the Xiaomi Pad 7 Pro with significant enhancements. Here’s a sneak peek into the leaked details.

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Codename and Model Number:

According to reports from GSMChina, the Xiaomi Pad 7 Pro goes by the codename “sheng,” which translates to a musical instrument in Chinese.

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Staying true to its tradition, Xiaomi continues to use musical instrument names as codenames for its Pad series tablets. The tablet is identified by the model number “N81A.”

Display Details:

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The Xiaomi Pad 7 Pro is set to feature a 10-inch panel manufactured by Tianma.

A departure from its predecessor’s 11-inch display, the tablet is expected to sport an LCD panel with a resolution of 1480×2367 pixels and an impressive 144Hz refresh rate.

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Processor Upgrade:

Rumors suggest that the Xiaomi Pad 7 Pro will house the cutting-edge Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, a significant upgrade as per the initial leak by Digital Chat Station.


This move promises enhanced performance and efficiency.

Audio Experience:


Continuing its commitment to audio quality, the tablet is rumored to boast a quad-stereo speaker system, akin to the one seen in the previous Pad 6 Pro, providing an immersive audio experience.

Operating System:

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The Xiaomi Pad 7 Pro is expected to run on HyperOS, based on Android 14, offering users the latest features and optimizations.

Market Availability:

GSMChina hints that the Xiaomi Pad 7 Pro might be exclusive to the Chinese market, similar to its predecessor, the Pad 6 Pro. However, official confirmation is yet to be received.

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Official Announcement:

As of now, there has been no official announcement from Xiaomi regarding the Pad 7 series.

The leaked information should be taken with a grain of caution until an official statement is made.

Upcoming Xiaomi Event:

In the midst of the anticipation surrounding the Pad 7 series, Xiaomi is gearing up for an event on November 29, where it is expected to unveil the Redmi K70 series smartphones alongside several other products. Stay tuned for more updates.


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