X Unveils New Premium Subscription Plans with Ad-Free Options

X, the platform led by Elon Musk, is set to introduce two new tiers of premium subscription plans, according to a recent announcement.

These upcoming offerings will cater to users looking to enhance their X experience and eliminate the presence of ads.

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Musk revealed that one of the plans will be designed as a low-cost option, retaining all the platform’s features but still displaying ads.

The second tier, on the other hand, will come at a higher price point but will offer users an entirely ad-free experience.

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User Concerns

In response to Musk’s announcement, one user raised concerns about the disparities in account engagement and likes among X users.

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They suggested that X should work on developing a more equitable and monetized payout system for its user base.

Ad-Free Option and Pricing

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Musk clarified that the low-cost premium plan will come with all the platform’s features, including ads.

In contrast, the more expensive premium plan will offer a completely ad-free experience.


While the specific pricing details have not been disclosed, it is anticipated that Musk’s plans will provide options for both budget-conscious and premium users.

The lower-priced plan is expected to cost less than Rs 900, catering to mobile users, while the more feature-rich ad-free plan will be available at a higher price point.


Expanded Premium Membership

Reports indicate that X is taking steps to diversify its premium paid subscription service by introducing three distinct membership tiers.

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These tiers, namely Basic, Standard, and Plus, will be available at varying price points. The entry-level Basic plan will not reduce the number of ads for users, while the Standard tier will display fewer ads.

The top-tier Plus Premium offering will completely eliminate ads from the user experience and may come at a higher monthly cost.

Bot Mitigation Measures

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In response to concerns about bot accounts on X, Musk announced the introduction of a new program.

Users will be required to pay $1 per year to post on the platform, with the ability to read other posts for free.

This program is currently being tested in New Zealand and the Philippines as X seeks to address issues related to bot accounts.

Additional Information

Musk’s innovative approach is not limited to X; it extends to Twitter as well. He is experimenting with a $1 plan to address bot accounts on Twitter.

This initiative is currently in a testing phase and is part of Musk’s efforts to curb the presence of bots on the platform by requiring users to pay for posting, liking, and commenting.

Musk’s aim is to eventually phase out free accounts in order to more effectively manage bot-related challenges on the platform.


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