Should You Consider Investing in the Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme?

The Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB) scheme, in its second issuance of the financial year 2022-23, became open for investment on August 22.

Despite recent decreases in international gold prices, the significance of investing in gold remains undiminished.

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Heightened concerns regarding economic downturns, rising inflation, and interest rate hikes in developed nations have contributed to the growing importance of gold investments.

Investment Window and Bond Details

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Investors have until August 26 to partake in the Sovereign Gold Bond scheme. Bond issuance will take place on August 30, with an 8-year maturity period.

After 5 years, bondholders have the option to redeem the bond on interest payment dates.

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Each bond is equivalent to one gram of gold and is issued to investors at a rate of Rs 5,197.

For payments made through digital modes, a discount of Rs 50 per gram is available. The bonds accrue 2.5 percent annual interest, with interest payments made every six months.

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Taxation and Gold Price Trends

Interest earned from the bond is subject to taxation, and the maturity value is determined based on the market price of gold at the time of redemption.


Holding the bond until maturity enables investors to bypass capital gains tax. Additionally, these bonds can be traded on stock exchanges, offering liquidity to investors.

It’s essential to consider that the underlying asset of these bonds is gold, and gold prices have experienced a decline.


Gold prices reached Rs 54,150 per 10 grams on March 8 following Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

Since then, a declining trend has emerged. Analysts predict that gold prices on MCX could potentially range between Rs 48,500 and Rs 52,500 in the coming year.

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Should You Invest in SGB?

Sovereign Gold Bonds are well-regulated, backed by the government, and provide regular interest to investors.

This makes them an attractive investment option for those looking to hold gold for the long term. For tax-free gains, it’s advisable to hold these bonds until maturity.

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If you seek to invest in gold for a shorter period (less than five years), you may want to consider alternatives such as Gold ETFs or Gold Savings Funds.

Allocating 5 to 10 percent of your portfolio to gold can help diversify your investments and manage risk.


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