WhatsApp Introducing Username Search for Enhanced Privacy: Check New Features

In a significant update, WhatsApp is set to revolutionize user interactions by introducing a groundbreaking feature: the ability to search for people using their username.

This innovation aims to bolster privacy by eliminating the necessity of sharing personal phone numbers.

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According to a preview shared by WABetaInfo, the upcoming feature will manifest as a dedicated tab above the existing search bar, empowering users to search for contacts using usernames or other details such as names and profile pictures.

Choosing Your Unique Username

With this impending update, users will have the option to select a username that serves as a unique identifier for others to find them.

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This feature becomes especially invaluable for individuals who prefer not to disclose their phone numbers.

Notably, the use of usernames will be entirely optional, providing users with the flexibility to connect with others using traditional phone numbers if they so desire.

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Dynamic Usernames: Add, Delete, and Change at Will

Reports suggest that users will have the liberty to add, delete, or change their usernames at their convenience. This dynamic functionality empowers individuals to tailor their privacy settings according to their specific preferences.

While the feature is currently in development, its imminent release is anticipated in a forthcoming update to the WhatsApp application. The availability of this feature for both Android and iOS platforms remains uncertain at this stage.

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Strengthening Privacy: Secret Codes for Locked Chats

In a bid to enhance overall privacy, WhatsApp has introduced another feature allowing users to set a secret code for their locked chats.

This distinct code, separate from the phone unlock code, adds an extra layer of security to ensure that users’ most private conversations remain visible only when the secret code is entered into the search bar.


Mark Zuckerberg, Meta’s founder and CEO, emphasized that this addition provides an additional safeguard against inadvertent discovery, reaffirming the platform’s commitment to user privacy.

Stay tuned for further updates on these game-changing features coming soon to WhatsApp!



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