Samsung to Launch World’s First ‘AI Laptop’ Galaxy Book 4 on December 15

Samsung is set to redefine the laptop landscape with the imminent launch of the world’s first ‘AI laptop,’ the Galaxy Book 4.

According to reports from South Korea’s Yonhap News, the tech giant plans to unveil this groundbreaking device on December 15, just a day after Intel introduces its new Meteor Lake processors on December 14.

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Samsung aims to outpace competitors LG and HP, who are also working on AI laptops utilizing Intel’s new Core Ultra chipsets.

Harnessing AI Capabilities

Samsung’s Galaxy Book 4 is anticipated to leverage the neural processing unit (NPU) embedded in Intel’s Meteor Lake processors.

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This, combined with Samsung’s proprietary large language model – Samsung Gauss, promises to empower the laptop with advanced artificial intelligence capabilities.

The collaboration between the Intel NPU and Samsung’s Gauss is expected to deliver swift processing speeds and enhanced security, allowing the laptop to perform a range of AI-related tasks seamlessly.

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Intel’s Meteor Lake Processors

The upcoming Intel Meteor Lake processors will mark a shift from the existing i-series branding, adopting the new Core Ultra branding.

With the Galaxy Book 3 having been powered by the Intel Core i7 processor, speculation arises that Samsung might opt for the Core Ultra 7 155H chipset for the Galaxy Book 4.

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For the higher-end Galaxy Book 4 Ultra, the anticipation is for the deployment of the Core Ultra 9 185H processor.

Strategic Launch Timing

Samsung’s decision to launch the Galaxy Book 4 a month earlier than its predecessor reflects a strategic move to gain a competitive edge.


By introducing the world’s first AI laptop, Samsung aims to lead the market in AI integration, setting the stage for a new era in laptop technology.

As the race for AI-powered laptops intensifies, the Galaxy Book 4 is poised to make waves with its cutting-edge features, offering users a glimpse into the future of intelligent computing. Stay tuned for the official launch on December 15.



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