WhatsApp Introduces “Lock Chat” Feature for Enhanced Security

WhatsApp has introduced a new “Lock Chat” feature, adding an extra layer of security to specific chats for users who desire an additional level of privacy.

This feature allows users to lock selected chats with either a PIN or fingerprint, providing an extra barrier to prevent accidental access to these conversations.

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Key Features of Lock Chat:

Enhanced Security:

Ideal for users who want an extra level of security for specific chats.

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Works in conjunction with WhatsApp’s existing end-to-end encryption.

Locking Mechanisms:

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Users can choose to lock a chat with either a PIN or fingerprint authentication.

Restrictions on Web Access:

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Currently, locked chats are only accessible on the phone and are not visible on WhatsApp Web.

WhatsApp is actively testing the feature to make it compatible with the web client, ensuring a consistent experience across devices.



Web Accessibility: Locked chats are currently not accessible on WhatsApp Web, and they become visible when using WhatsApp Web from a web browser. However, WhatsApp is working on extending this feature to the web client soon.

Upcoming Features:

WhatsApp is actively working on introducing more features to enhance user experience and functionality:


Stickers Creation on Web: Users will soon be able to create stickers directly from the web app.

Status Updates on Desktop App: The ability to change status updates will be introduced on the desktop app.

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These upcoming features, along with the Lock Chat enhancement, aim to provide users with a more comprehensive and seamless WhatsApp experience across various platforms.


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