Upcoming IPOs: Over 15 Companies to Launch IPOs Ahead of Budget 2024

New Delhi :

The primary market is gearing up for an unprecedented surge with the impending launch of initial public offerings (IPOs) by over 15 companies in December and January.

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As the nation anticipates an interim budget in lieu of the upcoming general elections in 2024,

companies are rushing to make their market debut with IPOs worth significant amounts.

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Upcoming IPOs

The IPO lineup includes a diverse range of companies set to hit the market in the next two months.

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Notable among them are

  • Doms Industries with an IPO worth Rs 1200 crore,
  • India Shelter Finance Corporation with Rs 1500 crore,
  • Inox India with Rs 1,000 crore,
  • Muthoot Microfin with Rs 1350 crore,
  • Apeejay Surrendra Park Hotels with Rs 1000 crore,
  • Jana Small Finance Bank, and
  • Medi Assist Healthcare Services.

Above will hit the market in next two months.

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Additional IPOs to watch out for include:

  • Suraj Estates with an IPO worth Rs 400 crore,
  • Motison Jewelers,
  • Mukka Proteins with an IPO ranging between Rs 200-300 crore,
  • Happy Forgings,
  • RBZ Jewelers with an IPO worth Rs 100-125 crore,
  • Allied Blenders and Distillers,
  • Innova Captab with Rs 900 crore,
  • Enviro Infra Engineers, and
  • EPack Durables.

The IPO surge is expected to continue until the full budget presentation post the general elections in July 2024.


Timeline of IPO Launches

Dom’s Industries Kicks Off Bidding on December 13. The IPO of Doms Industries is slated to open for bidding from December 13 to 15, encompassing both the issuance of new shares and Offer for Sale (OFS).


Other companies, including India Shelter Finance, Inox India, Muthoot Microfin, Apeejay Surendra Park Hotels, Jana Small Finance Bank, Medi Assist Healthcare Services, Suraj Estates, Motisan Jewellers, Mukka Proteins, Happy Forgings, Innova Captab, and RBZ Jewelers,

are expected to launch their IPOs in December 2023.

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Meanwhile, IPOs for Allied Blenders, Enviro Infra Engineers,

and EPack Durables may make their debut in January 2024.

Funding Goals

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Ambitious Target of Raising Rs 10,000-12,000 Crore in Two Weeks

Insider sources suggest that the imminent flood of IPOs aims to raise a substantial amount, with efforts concentrated on accumulating Rs 10,000-12,000 crore within the next two weeks.

The diverse offerings across industries indicate a dynamic and promising period for the primary market as investors brace for an influx of opportunities.


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