Google Takes Down 17 ‘Fake Loan Apps’ from Play Store: List of Removed Apps

The menace of fake loan apps continues to haunt users in India, with thousands falling victim to extortion and harassment.

Recently, Google took action by removing 17 such apps from the Play Store after they collectively garnered over 1.2 crore downloads.

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Cybersecurity firm ESET identified 18 fraudulent instant loan apps, notifying Google, which subsequently took down 17 of them.

This revelation underscores the persistent threat posed by deceptive loan applications, particularly on the Android platform.

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Identified Fake Loan Apps: AA Credit, Amor Cash, GuayabaCash, and More

The cyber security firm ESET identified and reported 18 fake loan apps targeting Android users, particularly in countries like India.

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Google, in response, removed 17 of these apps from the Play Store. The identified apps include:

  1. AA Credit
  2. Amor Cash
  3. GuayabaCash
  4. EasyCredit
  5. Dinner
  6. CrediBus
  7. FlashLoan
  8. LoansCredit
  9. Credit Loans-YumiCash
  10. Go Credit
  11. Instant Loan
  12. Large Wallet
  13. Fast Credit
  14. Finupp Lending
  15. 4S Cash
  16. TrueNaira
  17. EasyCash

Immediate Action Advised: Users Urged to Delete/Uninstall Listed Apps to Avoid Potential Troubles

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If any of the mentioned fake loan apps are present on your smartphone, it is strongly advised to delete or uninstall them immediately.

Failure to do so may lead to potential troubles, as these apps are known to engage in blackmail, harassment, and financial embezzlement.


Users are also warned against considering loans from these apps, as they often trap individuals with fraudulent practices.

Modus Operandi of Spy Loan Apps: Utilizing Social Media, SMS, and Presence on Scam Websites


Spy loan apps employ various tactics to reach out to individuals, including leveraging social media, SMS, and maintaining a presence on scam websites.

These apps are also found on third-party app stores, making it crucial for users to exercise caution and conduct thorough checks before engaging with any loan application.

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The continuous discovery of such fraudulent apps highlights the need for increased vigilance in the digital landscape.


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