Top Banks Offering Lucrative Fixed Deposit Rates for Senior Citizens

Fixed deposits have emerged as a favorable investment option following the recent increase in interest rates.

Many banks are now offering attractive interest rates to customers on their fixed deposit schemes.

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Here are the top five banks with noteworthy rates:

1) DCB Bank: Senior citizens can avail themselves of an impressive 8.5% interest rate on two-year fixed deposits.

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Meanwhile, common citizens can enjoy a competitive interest rate of 7.75%.

2) IndusInd Bank: For a two-year fixed deposit, senior citizens can earn a lucrative 8.25% interest rate, while common citizens can avail themselves of the highest rate at 7.75%.

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3) RBL Bank: Senior citizens can benefit from an 8% interest rate on two-year fixed deposits.

Common citizens, on the other hand, can enjoy the highest interest rate of 7.80% for a ten-year tenure.

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4) Axis Bank: Senior citizens can secure a favorable interest rate of 7.8% on two-year fixed deposits.

The maximum interest rate for common citizens stands at 7.1% for longer tenures.


5) AU Small Finance Bank: Senior citizens can earn a promising 7.75% interest rate on two-year fixed deposits, while common citizens can receive a maximum rate of 7% for extended tenures.

These banks present enticing opportunities for investors looking to maximize their returns through fixed deposits.



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