Indian Railways Provides THESE Free Services with Train Tickets to Passengers

Traveling by train comes with great news! Indian Railways provides various free facilities that come bundled with your train ticket, which many passengers are unaware of.

Once you purchase your train ticket, you can take advantage of these complimentary services.

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Let’s explore the free facilities you can enjoy when booking a train ticket.

Free First Aid Services

Passengers traveling by train are entitled to a free medical facility offered by Indian Railways.

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In case your health worsens during the journey, you can receive First Aid assistance at no cost. Simply reach out to the Train Ticket Examiner (TTE) for help.

Complimentary Waiting Room Facility

In addition to the medical facility, you can also benefit from the convenience of a free waiting room.

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Often, trains face delays, and during such situations, you can utilize the waiting room without any charges.

Passengers are provided with a complimentary waiting room to wait for their train.

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With a valid ticket, you can access the waiting room for free up to 2 hours before the train’s arrival and 2 hours after the completion of your journey.

During nighttime, the waiting room is available for up to 6 hours.


Free Wi-Fi Access

Indian Railways offers free Wi-Fi services to its passengers. You can enjoy half an hour of complimentary internet access on the platform without spending any money.

Once the free session expires, passengers have the option to choose a plan from RailTel.


They provide various data plans, such as 5 GB for Rs 10 and 10 GB for Rs 15, both valid for one day with a speed of 34 MBPS.

Additionally, a 10 GB data plan is available for 5 days at a cost of Rs 20. This facility is available at most of the stations across the country.

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Convenient Cloak Room Facility

Furthermore, passengers can avail themselves of the cloak room facility for a small fee.

The cloak room allows you to securely store your bags and travel items.

For the first 24 hours, a charge of Rs 15 is applicable, with an additional fee of Rs 10 per unit.

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Afterward, for the next 24 hours, the charge is Rs 20, with Rs 12 per unit.

These free facilities aim to enhance your travel experience and provide you with convenience and comfort during your train journey.


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