Top 4 Hybrid Cars in India with Exceptional Value for Money & 27.97 kmpl Mileage

New Delhi :

As car manufacturers continue to cater to diverse consumer preferences, the spotlight shines on an enticing category – hybrid cars.

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With the flexibility to switch between petrol and electric power, these vehicles promise efficient performance and contribute to a greener environment.

In India, several automakers have introduced hybrid models to align with the evolving tastes of consumers.

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If you’re seeking an optimal blend of performance, economy, and environmental consciousness, consider exploring these four noteworthy hybrid car options:

1. Maruti Suzuki Invicto

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Starting at an ex-showroom price of Rs. 24.79 lakh and extending to Rs. 28.42 lakh for the top-tier variant, the Maruti Suzuki Invicto boasts a powerful 2.0-liter petrol/hybrid engine. With a commendable maximum torque of 188 Nm and an impressive power output of 112 kW, this car offers a mileage of 23.24 kilometers per liter. Sporting a fuel tank capacity of 52 liters, the Invicto seats up to 7 passengers comfortably.

2. Toyota Innova Hycross

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The Toyota Innova Hycross delivers a robust driving experience with its 2-liter engine, accompanied by a seating capacity for 7 to 8 individuals. Generating a torque of 209 Nm and a power of 172.99 hp, this hybrid model encompasses a fuel tank capacity of 52 liters.

Exhibiting a mileage range of 16.13 to 23.24 kmpl, the Innova Hycross is available at an ex-showroom starting price of Rs. 18.54 lakhs, scaling up to Rs. 29.98 lakhs for its premium variant.


3. Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyrider

Equipped with a 1.5-liter petrol engine enhanced by hybrid technology, the Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyrider boasts an impressive mileage of 27.97 km per liter – a testament to its exceptional fuel efficiency.


With an ex-showroom entry price of Rs. 16.46 lakhs and reaching Rs. 19.99 lakhs for its top-grade offering, this car redefines economical driving without compromising on style and performance.

4. Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara

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The Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara captivates enthusiasts with its aesthetic appeal and hybrid prowess. Its 1.5-liter petrol engine, coupled with hybrid innovation, propels it to an outstanding mileage of 27.97 kilometers per liter.

Priced from Rs. 18.29 lakhs for the base model, the Grand Vitara extends to Rs. 19.79 lakhs for its premium variant, providing an enticing fusion of style and efficiency.

As the automobile landscape embraces sustainable technology, these four hybrid car options stand as compelling choices, combining cost-effective driving with the promise of an environmentally conscious journey.

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Consider these models to make a statement of responsible driving while enjoying remarkable mileage and a seamless blend of power sources.


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