Stalemate Persists Between Byju’s and Borrowers Over $1.2 Billion Loan – Uncertainty Looms

The trajectory of India’s most valuable startup, Byju’s, has once again veered into uncertainty as negotiations with its lenders over a substantial $1.2 billion term loan remain unresolved.

Despite a deadline set for August 3, talks have failed to yield a settlement, leaving the future of this financial arrangement in limbo.

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Although discussions have been reportedly advancing positively, no concrete resolution has emerged as of now.

Byju’s, however, emphasizes that it never committed to any specific timeline. In the upcoming week, Byju Raveendran, co-founder of Byju’s, is scheduled to meet with lenders, offering a glimmer of hope for a resolution.

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The Set Deadline and its Origins

The deadline of August 3 was established by the Committee of Adhoc Term Loan Lenders, who have a stake in 85 percent of the $1.2 billion term loan granted to Byju’s.

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The committee officially announced this timeline on August 24, with the intention of finalizing discussions on changes to loan terms by August 3, 2023.

This deadline aimed to put an end to the disputes surrounding the loan agreement.

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The Genesis of the Dispute

Back in November 2021, Byju’s secured a substantial $1.2 billion loan from foreign investors through a distinct financial instrument called Term Loan B (TLB).


Differing from conventional loans, TLBs do not require periodic installments; instead, the entire sum is due at the conclusion of the loan tenure.

Tensions began escalating in December 2022 when conflicts emerged between Byju’s and the lenders.


Subsequently, in March 2023, lenders started alleging non-monetary and technical defaults, demanding repayments.

Legal Battles and Financial Implications

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The situation escalated in May, as lenders took legal action against Alfa, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Byju’s, accusing it of withholding $500 million.

In response, Byju’s filed a counter-petition in the New York Supreme Court, contesting the loan repayment.

Amidst this turmoil, Byju’s ceased paying the $40 million interest due on the loan, further heightening tensions. The ongoing negotiations seek to modify the terms of the term loan agreement.

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Crucial Importance of Swift Resolution

For Byju’s, hastening a resolution with its lenders is pivotal, as delays could exacerbate fundraising challenges.

Davidson Kempner, an American investor, initially extended a $250 million loan through structured instruments.

However, amidst stagnant negotiations between Byju’s and lenders, Davidson retracted $150 million of this amount.

Byju’s was technically in default on Davidson’s loan and needed funds to retain ownership of Aakash Educational Services, its prized asset.

The company had pledged Aakash’s shares as collateral for Davidson’s loan. Consequently, Byju’s has sought financial support from its previous investor, Ranjan Pai, as it navigates this intricate financial web.

Byju Raveendran, holding a 30 percent stake in Aakash, faces a critical juncture in safeguarding the company’s assets.


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