Still waiting for Your Income Tax Refund? Here’s what could be causing the Delay

If you’re one of the many taxpayers eagerly awaiting your income tax refund, you’re not alone.

A staggering 35 lakh income tax refund cases are currently pending, and a significant contributor to these delays is inaccurate bank account information.

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Verify Your Details on the Income Tax Portal

Before you start worrying about your stuck refund, take a moment to check your information on the Income Tax Portal.

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Why Tax Refunds Get Stuck

CBDT Chairperson Nitin Gupta shed light on the reasons behind these refund delays. Approximately 35 lakh refund cases have hit a roadblock due to incorrect bank account information, the absence of bank account details, or issues with verification.

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Efforts to Resolve Pending Refunds

Tax authorities are actively reaching out to affected taxpayers via a dedicated call center.

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Additionally, taxpayers are being contacted through email, which initiates a follow-up call from a special number three days later.

This approach aims to resolve issues and expedite the release of tax refunds to eligible recipients.


Resolving Long-Standing Cases

Some taxpayers have been awaiting their refunds since as far back as 2010-11.


This prolonged delay has been attributed to the transition from paper-based to computer-based technology around 2011.

The shift has led to the reevaluation of many old cases and the initiation of a management service designed to resolve stuck refunds that have persisted for years.

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Expanding Call Center Services

The CBDT chief highlighted the success of a Mysuru-based call center in addressing these refund-related concerns, resolving 1.4 lakh cases last year.

The call center’s operations have initially covered four ranges: Karnataka and Goa, Mumbai, Delhi, and the North-West area.

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However, plans are in motion to expand its services to other regions.

Progress in ITR Processing

According to official data for the assessment year 2023-24, 7.27 crore Income Tax Returns (ITRs) were filed, with 7.15 crore verified. The department has successfully processed 6.80 crore ITRs, achieving a 93.5% processing rate.


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