Seamless Travel Experience: Government Launches Digi Yatra at Six Additional Airports

The Digi Yatra service, a revolutionary initiative aimed at streamlining airport travel, has been extended to six more airports, including Mumbai and Kochi, commencing on August 12, 2023.

Initially launched on December 1, 2022, at airports in Delhi, Varanasi, and Bengaluru, the Digi Yatra service has gained significant traction due to its potential to revolutionize the passenger experience.

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Official Release Highlights:

A recent release from the Ministry of Civil Aviation elaborates on the expansion of the Digi Yatra service.

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The newly added airports, namely Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Kochi, Lucknow, Jaipur, and Guwahati, will progressively integrate the Digi Yatra infrastructure in the month of August.

Leveraging facial recognition technology, this system ensures a contactless and smooth journey for passengers by facilitating their authentication at various points within the airport premises.

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Digi Yatra’s Existing Footprint:

The Ministry reports that as of August 10, approximately 3.46 million passengers, equating to around 30.46 lakh individuals, have already availed the benefits of the Digi Yatra service.

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Apart from the latest additions, this pioneering service is also available at Vijayawada, Pune, Hyderabad, and Kolkata airports.

The Digi Yatra system prioritizes data security, ensuring that passenger information is encrypted and not stored centrally.


The data is exclusively shared between the passenger and the originating airport, with removal from the system within 24 hours post-flight departure.

Decoding Digi Yatra:


Digi Yatra is a groundbreaking facial recognition system designed to facilitate a seamless and contactless journey for air travelers.

This innovative approach allows passengers to navigate various checkpoints without physical contact, with their facial features serving as their travel credentials.

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Each interaction at these touchpoints takes less than three seconds.

Beyond simplifying the check-in process, Digi Yatra also eliminates the need for separate ID proofs, vaccination certificates, and boarding passes, as all these aspects are seamlessly integrated into the passenger’s facial recognition profile.

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